Tea Coffee Premixes

We strive to provide satisfaction to all our customers. Choicely picked coffee beans and top notch tea leaves from Assam leave a taste that lingers. Hygiene and cleanliness are our top priorities at our manufacturing unit. The premix pouches are packed using the appropriate technology to seal in all the goodness and make your morning sip a wonderful one.

Tea Premix

Mesmerizing aroma, perfect blend, freshly brewed and a lingering sweet taste, our tea has every quality to make a great cup. It definitely reminds you of the mildly brewed but not hard boiled tea you make at home.

Keeping quality our foremost priority our tea comes from the tea estates of Assam while our milk from the top companies in India.

Variants Available :

  • Cardamom Tea Premix
  • Lemon Grass Tea Premix
  • Masala Tea Premix
  • Ginger Tea Premix
  • Plain Tea Premix

Tea Drink Specification
Parameters	Results per 100 gm
Energy	         397.9	Kcal
Fat	         3.2	gm
Carbohydrate	82.8	gm
Protein	         9.5	gm
Added Sugar	58.8	gm

Coffee Premix

A great cup of coffee is what you need to make it through the day. And what else can be better than having it ready at the touch of a button?

Coming from the Coorg plantations in Karnataka, our coffee is one of the finest you’ll ever taste. Just the perfect mix of coffee, milk, sugar and chicory is what makes our product unique.

Variants Available :

  • Regular Coffee Premix
  • Classic Strong Coffee Premix

Coffee Drink Specification

Parameters	Results per 100 gm
Energy	        402.6	Kcal
Fat	        4.1	gm
Carbohydrate	80.5	gm
Protein	        11.1	gm
Added Sugar	59.8	gm

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