Tea Coffee Vending Mahines

The Vending machines are manufactured at our state of the art automated factory on the outskirts of Mumbai. All our models are manufactured using food grade plastic and stainless steel only hence all the models are completely rust proof and serve the clients need for a longer period. The main parts of the machine are heater tank, Mixing chamber, Canisters, silicon tube and the main chassis.

The heater tank is made of 304 or higher grade stainless steel, The tube that carry hot water are made of pharma grade silicon. The mixing chamber, the canister and all the plastic parts are moulded from food grade plastic and the moulds are owned by us. & hence the spare part availability is always guaranteed & at reasonable price. The wet zone and dry zone are imaginatively divided for superior cleanliness & hygiene. The heater tank and the main body are fabricated on a German make CNC punching machine. This assures consistence of quality, finish & Geometry.


General Specification
1	Start-Up Time	-	        2 Minutes
2	No. of drink selections	-	1,2,3,4
3	Additional hot water option-	Available ( Quantity Settable)
4	Auto Cleaning System	-	With provision of enable & disable
5	Program locking system	-	Thru password
1	Height	-	640mm
2	Width	-	256mm
3	Depth	-	495mm
4	Weight	-	9.7 kgs. – 12 kgs.
Electrical System
1	Required power supply	-	220/230V, 50Hz, single phase with proper earthling
2	Rating of power plug	-	3 pin / 15 amps
3	Max Load	-	        < 2.2 KW
Water System:
1	Quality of water	-	Bubble top / continuous flow plumbing or refill
Capacity: 3.3 Litre
1	Canister capacity	-	1.0 Kg each
2	NO. Of canister	-	        1,2,3,4
3	Dispensing rate	-	        5 Cups/minute (100ml each)
Auto flush programmable

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